Miratech breaks new grounds in quality

Miratech breaks new grounds in quality

Miratech, a national leader in IT services industry, has been certified at Level 3 of SEI CMM. The SEI CMM assessment is considered to be the worldwide recognition of the mature process organization in Miratech.

The assessment allows Miratech to become a member of the elite club of professional software organizations deploying the top industry standards in their processes. According to the Software Engineering Institute in Pittsburgh, USA (SEI), in 2002 there were less than 150 organizations in the world that have published CMM assessment higher than level 3.

___ (Capability Maturity Model, technical maturity model) is a universally recognized industrial model of a technical maturity of the software production processes that was developed in the US specifically for the companies involved in software development and support. This model allows a company to choose process improvement strategy, by providing a method to determine the current level of maturity and detect problems, critical for software quality.

Generally, companies, located outside of the US, undergo CMM assessment to establish an approach for a continuous software processes improvement and win large corporative customers in the US. Miratech has targeted process improvement as its prime objective to establish the highest quality standards within the company operations. The goal of winning American clients has certainly played its role in Miratech decision about undergoing the CMM assessment. Currently Miratech portfolio contains several hundreds of accomplished outsourcing projects, including those for large American customers such as Genesys Telecommunication Laboratories, Exigen, Pumatech, Dakota Imaging, the World Bank and others. One of the objectives for this assessment is an implementation of robust processes that will form a basis for further company growth and quality improvement.

Two years of persistent work of the Miratech team have preceded the CMM assessment. Process engineers, project managers, software developers and many other Miratech employees were involved in the assessment process. QAI India Ltd., the world leader in software process development was Miratech consulting partner throughout the duration of the project. Thanks to the initiative of QAI India top management and the efforts of QAI India consultants most of the challenges of the CMM assessments have been dealing with successfully.

The assessment team included six company specialists, who have passed a special training. The leading assessor from QAI India Ltd Ashok Sontakke (SEI Authorized Lead Assessor, SEI ID: 9900504-A) was invited by Miratech for the appraisal. CMM Based Appraisal of the Internal Process Improvement has culminated the two years of hard work. The appraisal was conducted based on quality system and project documentation study, interviews with project leaders, functional departments and members of projects teams. More than 400 documents have been analyzed; about 20 people have been interviewed. The conclusions about the detected strengths and weaknesses of the company software development processes have been prepared using the results of the interviews. Based on the reached conclusions, the assessors defined a degree to which the process objectives were achieved and numerous CMM requirements satisfied. Finally, the production processes maturity level was determined in a final report, which included the information about CMM maturity level.

CMM assessment will generate numerous benefits for Miratech, such as increased compatibility in software outsourcing industry, improved productivity levels, enhanced quality, and higher customer satisfaction.

Miratech has reached the assessment for CMM Level 3 with a remarkable speed of 24 months, whilst according to the statistics it takes on average about 47 months to make a transfer from CMM Level 1 to CMM Level 3. The next step for Miratech quality improvement program is to be certified at Level 5 of CMM. Usually, a transfer from CMM Level 3 to CMM Level 5 takes about 39 months, Miratech, however, believes to reach the aim in brief terms.

About Miratech

Miratech is an IT service and consulting corporation with the following businesses: software engineering services, BPO & IT enabled services, and consulting services. Software engineering services contain outsourcing, software team building, bespoke projects development, and project management. BPO & IT enabled services are represented by data entry, IT site management, IT consulting, and legacy systems maintenance. Software solutions include computer telephony & call centers, ERP & CRM systems, system integration, and others. Miratech commits to deliver high-quality service and is on the way to become CMM Level 5 organization; now its development centers are SW CMM Level 3 and ISO 9001:2000 certified. Serving clients worldwide, Miratech develops client support and is establishing sale offices in European Union and North America countries.