Compensation and Benefits

An efficient compensation and benefit policy helps us attract and retain the brightest talent and guarantees every staff member remuneration appropriate for his or her skills and experience. Miratech regularly monitors the labor market and adjusts its payroll policies according to the latest trends.

Salary. Each employee is entitled to a salary that corresponds with the level of his or her professional qualifications.

Performance Pay Models (bonuses). In order to support individual motivation and team performance, to recognize staff members’ commitment to Miratech’s success, and to enable employees to share in business success, Miratech offers various performance pay models, including individual and team bonuses.

Benefits Package

In addition to the compensation package, which includes a salary and various performance pay models, we increase the social security of employees by providing different benefits.

Medical Insurance. A comprehensive medical insurance plan covers outpatient and in-patient services, emergency hospitalizations, dental care, medication with free home or office delivery, and use of swimming pools or gyms.

Medical Insurance for Family Members. Various programs for family members  are provided on a cost-sharing basis with the possibility of full coverage for essential packages.

Additional Days of Paid Vacation. In some cases, Miratech offers extra days off in addition to a regular vacation.

Flexible Working Hours. We understand that each employee has unique biological rhythms. In order to allow each employee to work during their most productive part of the day, we offer flexible working hours based on project needs.

Qualification Review Process. Each employee is entitled to a review of his or her job performance  on a regular basis. Such evaluations help employees better understand their own abilities,  understand the progress they are making, recognize their contributions, and learn about expectations and areas for growth and development. As a result of such evaluations, every staff member always has a clear vision of his or her career and professional development, and a chance to align it with their personal goals, or the company’s goals. 

State Social Fund Benefits. Miratech cooperates closely with state social funds to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to purchase tours to health resorts at discounted rates.

Gifts for Special Events. Significant moments in employees’ lives, such as birthdays, weddings, becoming a parent, or celebrating a jubilee, are acknowledged by Miratech. Employees receive special gifts on these days.

Corporate Events. Miratech has hosted numerous corporate events, such as those listed in the Gallery section.

The benefits listed here are just a part of what we can offer to our staff members. Interested? It’s time to call Miratech!