Global Outsourcing

Miratech’s outsourcing engagement models are driven by customer needs. Customers may pay per deliverable, resource, or economic value. Expert teams perform tasks on-or offsite, based on individual customer needs.
Miratech offers outsourcing services in banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, and other industries.
Miratech’s services contribute to the following benefits for its customers:
  • Greater delivery agility
  • Faster solutions
  • Flexibility resulting from Miratech’s attention to changing customer requirements
  • Professional expertise available 24/7
  • Professional risk management related to outsourcing
Miratech pioneered IT outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe with the first projects successfully completed for a major Swiss customer in the early 1990s. Since then, Miratech has offered a unique blend of professional expertise to help customers stay ahead of the competition by spending less time on IT, and focusing on core business tasks.