Managed Competence Center™

Today’s IT trends, including cloud computing, big data, and enterprise mobility, have changed the paradigm of enterprise IT.
To achieve success in this new landscape, CIOs must simultaneously execute several critical transformation initiatives within tight timeframes and limited budgets. The primary obstacle to this transformation is that a company’s existing organization may not be fast or mature enough to execute it. 
Miratech Managed Competence Center enables needed transformations, taking into account each customer’s size, geography, IT landscape, culture, business domain, and more. 
The essence of Miratech’s Managed Competence Center is supplying the competence needed by customers through the most effective delivery model for each business case.
With the highest level of efficiency, Miratech sets up the right governance framework for service deployment, delivery, and acceptance. Miratech applies a comprehensive range of delivery models from outstaffing to fixed-price projects and SLAs; the right model at the right time reduces risks, inefficiencies, and rework.
In this manner Miratech’s Managed Competence Center delivery model truly serves as a customer asset, and becomes a differentiator and a source of competitive advantage for our customers.
Typical roadmap for deployment of a Managed Competence Center
  1. Setup of core team optionally including transfer of some customer employees 
  2. Customer process, systems, and technology knowledge transfer
  3. Piloting covering shadow delivery, limited scope 
  4. Start of operations under agreed service scope and service level
Possible operational items for transfer to Miratech
  • Employee search, selection, and retention
  • Management of on- and off-site staff availability
  • Employee training and retraining 
  • Workplace, communications, and facility operation
  • Knowledge and competence management
  • Team building and team management
  • Project management
  • Program management
  • Performance management
Benefits of the Managed Competence Center
Guaranteed competence availability and capacity.
Miratech retains the right people and offers precisely the correctservice level to ramp up and ramp down in line with eachcustomer’s business needs.
Intelligent cost optimization.
Customers can optimize their costs by hiring and retaining people in the most effective way; accessing a larger resource base in multiple locations with the option to build teams in cost-effective near-shore locations, and intelligently using blended delivery models with the right mix of on- and off-site resources.
Better performance.
Customers can implement changes more quickly, and reduce time-to-market by leveraging best practices, knowledge management, and professional teams from Miratech.
The Managed Competence Center model provides customers with flexibility, including the option to move from CAPEX to OPEX or OPEX to CAPEX, to convert fixed costs to variable costs, and to reduce headcount, resulting in increased revenue/profit/return per employee.
Reduced risk.
Under the Managed Competence Center model, customer employment liabilities and risks are transferred to Miratech. The law in Central and Eastern Europe is more employer/company protective compared to many Western Europe countries, resulting in greater flexibility and speed when ramping-up and ramping-down resources.
Miratech is ISO 27001 certified. Miratech security policy is fully compliant with U.S. and European Union information security regulations.
Miratech is CMM L3 certified and applies the best available industrial practices for software development, maintenance, and IT operations.