Mission and Values

Miratech’s mission and values are fundamental to our success, and form our underlying foundation, defining Miratech and setting us apart from other businesses; they tell you who we are.  They guide Miratech’s vision of the future, as well as its business strategies, decisions, actions, and behaviors.


To help visionaries change the world.
We build and manage high performing technology teams that are dedicated resources for our clients. We deliver high complexity engagements and rescue distressed projects. We accomplish this by attracting, retaining, and supporting talented managers, engineers, analysts, sales, marketing, and operations professionals, and by sustaining a superior and rewarding professional environment.  We offer world class expertise in collaborating with our clients to design governance structures and delivery models that reliably achieve their business goals.
Rather than pursuing low value clerical or business processing services, or engaging in short-term relationships, we build technology teams that become long-term strategic operational resources.
Our clients are mid-to-large size for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that operate in multiple locations.

Core Values

We share the essential values of our global community, including honesty, integrity, and doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  However important these are, we believe they are shared by most organizations, and are not differentiating. They do not uniquely define our organization’s genotype.  Rather, we choose to describe Miratech’s unique genotype through these core value statements; unique in that they are not emphasized by other firms:

  • Know our Client, and Listen
    Listening is essential to learning.  Listening intently to our client informs what we say, how we execute, and why we deliver.  Knowing our client assures that we meet their expectations and guide them to a comprehensive solution.
  • Thrive in Complexity
    We seek out challenges, are brilliant problem solvers, and apply creativity, process, discipline, and hard work.  We overcome difficult problems where others fail.
  • Earn Trust Through Reliability
    We ask questions, challenge everyone, take ownership of the big picture, make sure nothing “falls through the cracks”, and lift up our team members as well as our clients.  We go above and beyond, and do everything in our power, to achieve the goal.  We do what we say, and honor our commitments.
  • Strive for Versatility
    We do many things, all with a high degree of competence, and strengthen our team through our diverse range of skills, knowledge, and interests.  We’re fearless when stretching our comfort zones, learn continuously, and develop skills that may not be required today, but may be in the future.