Service Desk

Service Desk is a single point of contact between end users and a company’s IT unit. Service Desk allows the company to prioritize requests and balance the workload within the IT unit. Miratech offers Service Desk as a service, allowing customers to save on the capital and operational costs required to maintain and manage an in-house service setup. 
First tier Service Desk engineers register user requests, perform initial incident diagnostics, and process to closure standard malfunctions and failures. Should more complex problems occur, second tier and third tier support engineers (administrators, system developers, subcontractors, and vendors) are available to help solve the problem. Customer benefits are:
  • Request loss prevention and/or reduction
  • Request resolution within time frames defined in SLA
  • Release of IT staff from routine tasks, enabling them to focus on more strategic IT matters
  • Reduced downtime and number of IT system failures
  • Increase in the quality-price ratio for IT services
  • Cost reduction for IT personnel search, selection, training, and performance management
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Manageable and transparent IT operation costs
  • Comprehensive and timely reporting