Social Responsibility

Miratech adheres to ethical business principles, which are expressed in the care of our employees, health care, relationships with customers and partners, and environmental protection.
Our social responsibility is expressed through a range of initiatives, including creating a green office, student and IT graduate trainings, and annual charity events. 
Green Office
Miratech devotes considerable attention to environmental issues, starting with a safe working environment for every employee.
As part of our corporate social responsibility, transparent partitions in the Miratech office provide maximum light penetration. All lamps are designed to save energy. The supply and exhaust system reduces the use of aerosols by 90 percent, which has a positive impact on the earth’s ozone layer. On the faucets are installed water sensors that allow us to save water. Each room is equipped with furniture made of natural wood materials. Office walls are painted with non-toxic paints. The company has special containers for the disposal of power supplies.
The Miratech office caters to people with disabilities, an important component of our social responsibility.
Miratech actively engages with students. We regularly organize free courses, workshops, and seminars.
The company has agreements with leading universities, resulting in opening university-based educational laboratories. With a modern approach to the study of IT, students have the opportunity to work on real Miratech projects and develop practical programming skills.
Miratech conducts a regular sampling of, and employs, the best IT graduates. The company conducts a four- to five-course internship for students every summer, so they can practice software testing and business analysis. After the trainings, the best students have the opportunity to work for Miratech.
The company further supports the younger generation of IT professionals by sponsoring yearly student contests and IT competitions.
Miratech helps those who need it, to give them hope and a new future. The company supports orphanages and family-type centers, equips computer labs, and funds special festivals for children with disabilities. Miratech cooperates with special funds that are aimed at supporting children. 
Trust and responsibility are the fundamental principles of Miratech.


Selected CSR Initiatives