Why Miratech

Miratech provides a challenging, supportive working environment. The following highlights describe the specific attributes of our relationship with our employees:

High corporate standards areupheld in all Miratech offices and divisions. We encourage all staff members to recognize the importance of their contribution to the overall company goal. This goal is to develop the business through uncompromised commitment to quality and attention to clients and their requirements.

We provide an effective, friendly, pleasant working environment, where staff members are encouraged to show initiative and commitment to their colleagues. Committed staff members help us to build and maintain the excellent reputation that Miratech has. It is often said that an organization is only as good as the quality of its staff: we are proud of ours!

Ethical imperatives. Miratech considers honesty and fair play to be the core of all its business activities. Basic ethical principles underlie the constructive relationships the company has with staff members, partners, and clients.

We aim to harmonize interests of staff members with the company’s goals. This principle is implemented throughout our corporate culture, through commitment to high quality standards, mutual respect and friendliness, honesty, individual development, a results-focused orientation, and professional tutorship.

Stability. Since 1989, Miratech has steadily strengthened its position in the IT market and is now deservedly considered a leader in this market.

Efficient employment policies contribute stronglytothe sustainable performance of the company. Our staff members are guided by responsibility and personal integrity. They are professionals who strive for the success of Miratech as a global company. To achieve this level of commitment, we employ the most capable and promising professionals. Recruitment is performed using highly informative and reliable techniques.

Steady personal and professional development of each employee. Miratech provides initial and advanced trainings, to continuously further the personal and professional development of its staff. Every employee has an opportunity to contribute his or her knowledge and abilities to Miratech’s success. Intellectual potential and experience are the key factors in the company’s continued growth.

Combination of experienced workers’ expertise and younger workers’ energy and talent. This beneficial combination is one of our competitive advantages. The significance of this intangible asset cannot be expressed in figures or diagrams! We consider this value to be important enough to pass down to the next generation.

Attractive corporate culture. The major principle of Miratech’s employment policy is to harmonize the interests of employees with the company’s goals. This principle is realized within the corporate culture, which is characterized by the following features: commitment to the highest quality standards, mutual respect, friendliness, honesty, individual development, a results-focused orientation, and professional tutorship.

Life-work balance. We believe that the best employees are active, cheerful people able to work with enthusiasm, and rest well too. We fund social and cultural activities, leisure, and sports. Football, bowling, and chess club activities include annual championships, and celebrations of the company’s birthday, Engineering Day, or New Year help to strengthen team spirit and promote communication with colleagues in a non-professional setting.

However, staff members consider Miratech to be a place to realize their professional ambitions, gain exciting career opportunities, and count the company’s success as part of their individual achievements. Miratech strives to be both profitable and socially responsible. The company’s success not only yields profit, but also becomes an important part of every employee’s life.



Compensation and Benefits

An efficient compensation and benefit policy helps us attract and retain the brightest talent and guarantees every staff member remuneration appropriate for his or her skills and experience. Miratech regularly monitors the labor market and adjusts its payroll policies according to the latest trends.

Salary. Each employee is entitled to a salary that corresponds with the level of his or her professional qualifications.

Performance Pay Models (bonuses). In order to support individual motivation and team performance, to recognize staff members’ commitment to Miratech’s success, and to enable employees to share in business success, Miratech offers various performance pay models, including individual and team bonuses.

Benefits Package

In addition to the compensation package, which includes a salary and various performance pay models, we increase the social security of employees by providing different benefits.

Medical Insurance. A comprehensive medical insurance plan covers outpatient and in-patient services, emergency hospitalizations, dental care, medication with free home or office delivery, and use of swimming pools or gyms.

Medical Insurance for Family Members. Various programs for family members  are provided on a cost-sharing basis with the possibility of full coverage for essential packages.

Additional Days of Paid Vacation. In some cases, Miratech offers extra days off in addition to a regular vacation.

Flexible Working Hours. We understand that each employee has unique biological rhythms. In order to allow each employee to work during their most productive part of the day, we offer flexible working hours based on project needs.

Qualification Review Process. Each employee is entitled to a review of his or her job performance  on a regular basis. Such evaluations help employees better understand their own abilities,  understand the progress they are making, recognize their contributions, and learn about expectations and areas for growth and development. As a result of such evaluations, every staff member always has a clear vision of his or her career and professional development, and a chance to align it with their personal goals, or the company’s goals. 

State Social Fund Benefits. Miratech cooperates closely with state social funds to ensure that every employee has the opportunity to purchase tours to health resorts at discounted rates.

Gifts for Special Events. Significant moments in employees’ lives, such as birthdays, weddings, becoming a parent, or celebrating a jubilee, are acknowledged by Miratech. Employees receive special gifts on these days.

Corporate Events. Miratech has hosted numerous corporate events, such as those listed int he Gallery section.