Project Rescue

Two Thirds of All IT Projects Fail, So Why Do 99% of Ours Succeed?

From Distress to Success

You’ve got your project running… you’re applying robust project methodologies and best practices, and still your project continues to struggle or fail. You start working long hours and bringing in more people to try to deliver the project on time and budget, with your team and stakeholders denying the disaster waiting to happen. Admitting failure isn’t easy, nobody wants to be the one to announce the bad news. Research shows that two of every three IT projects fail, that’s why we created Project Rescue™. So you’re not alone, admitting the problem is a crucial step; and is the only way to get your project back on track.

The factors impeding your project success vary from case to case. With Miratech, you can easily change your chances to make your failing project a success. We succeed 99%; and when we succeed, so do you! Our relentless team will provide the technical and project leadership you’ve been looking for, ensuring you get things back on track within just weeks… guaranteed.

Time to Get Your Project Back on Track

Success or failure, the pivotal assessments of scope, time, budget, and quality still apply. If at least one of these key elements is off balance your project is at risk of failure. And that’s where Miratech can not only rescue your project, but become your true partner. Our team of experts will assess the status of the above-mentioned metrics; perform a root cause analysis; develop a “back on track” plan; and execute that plan flawlessly. Our proprietary methodologies and industry-leading tools are designed to deliver success, guaranteed. We pride ourselves on the latest, most rigorous project management practices that ensure exceptional performance and cost effectiveness. After we achieve success together, so will you!

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Ready for Success?

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